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Toby's* Story - Coming Into Foster Care

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Being placed in foster care can be a very scary time for children and young people. Toby* and his sister live with a Calon Cymru foster carer, here is his story.


When I first went into care it was very hard for me. I was just like any other 11 year old boy, I’d come home from school and was about to go rugby training, but that day was different. I walked into my nans flat and she told me that I was going into care.


Two hours later my Social Worker knocked on the door. Then I packed my clothes which was one pair of shorts and a t shirt then I went in her car. It was all confusing for me and I didn’t know what to expect.


I remember that time standing outside someone’s door. Then a lady opened the door and kindly let me into her home. When I sat down on the couch, I noticed there were so many new people who made me feel more comfortable. When they left, I got introduced to my new foster carer. She explained all the house rules. It was a bit too much to handle for a boy who had never house rules in their life. I was with my sister, but we gave everyone a chance.


After a month in care it was still pretty hard. I enjoyed being in care even though I missed my parents. We have done a lot of activities with my carer.


I think that being in foster care has made me a better person. Before I was in care I had bad anger issues but the school and my carer have given me support.


I have done so much since I have been in care. I’ve learned how to swim, my grin showed when I swam a couple of lengths of the river. I have visited so many new places like Tenby, London, Bath, Chepstow, Weymouth and Windsor. 18 months later I still miss my parents, but for the first time in my life I feel amazing and I try with my school work.


Being in care has also helped me with my confidence, before I couldn’t even go out with anyone because of my anxiety, but after nearly 2 years in care I’m able go out on my bike at the local forestry. Finally I watch what I eat and do loads of exercise.


In every household you have down times, but most of the time you have ups!!!


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* Name changed to protect the identity of the young person.


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Date published

18 April 2023

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