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Understanding Children of Trauma

Understanding Children Of Trauma

Hi all,

As a foster carer I often get asked if there are any books to read that might help understand the children we look after. I have come up with a little reading list that may help. The founding father of attachment disorder is John Bowlby. His research in the 1960’s has been instrumental in enabling professionals and carers to better understand the detrimental effect that being removed from your loved ones can have on children and young people. Dr Suzanne Zeedyk has a website called ‘’. There is some extremely useful information on the site. We were fortunate to attend a conference held by Calon Cymru where Dr Suzanne Zeedyk was speaking passionately about the research she and her team are currently undertaking. It makes a lot of sense.


Reading material that may be useful:

  • ‘Reactive Attachment Disorder’ (RAD) the essential guide for parents – Keri Williams
  • ‘Building the Bonds of Attachment’ – Daniel A Hughes
  • ‘Parenting children of Trauma’ – Marcy Pusey
  • ‘Parenting the hurt child’ – Kupecky
  • ‘Bowlby – A secure base’ – John Bowlby
  • Suggested videos on YouTube . . .
  • ‘The Strange Situation’ – Mary Ainsworth (1969)
  • ‘Connected baby’ – Suzanne Zeedyk . . videos and research

A bit of a heavy blog this week, just some suggested reading that may help. Your supervising social worker can recommend more.


Take Care

Daisy Doo and Julian too xx


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Date published

21 April 2022

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