Transferring to Calon Cymru Fostering

Are you looking for a change to your current fostering arrangements? As a foster carer who is registered with a fostering provider you have the right to transfer to another agency. Consider switching to Calon Cymru Fostering (formerly known as Pathway Care Fostering), one of the leading independent agencies in South East and West Wales.

We operate from two local offices in Cardiff and Carmarthen and have social workers based throughout the region, ensuring easy access to our teams and local specialist training.

Transfer your approval to us and we will ensure a smooth, sensitively managed transition in the best interest of the children placed in your care. The process of transferring to Calon Cymru Fostering is discussed on an individual basis and it takes, on average, around 3-4 months. Your current fostering agency is obliged to provide a range of information as part of the transfer, including access to your current file. This helps reduce the time before you are ready to be registered with us.

We follow The Fostering Network’s Transfer Protocol (2014, re-issued in 2015) which states:

The protocol recognises the principles of child care legislation and seeks to ensure that safeguarding the welfare of children is at the core of fostering policy and practice. It recognises that the welfare of any child in placement is paramount.”

Click here for a copy of The Fostering Network’s Transfer Protocol.

If you are looking to transfer and don’t have children in placement, then the process is very straight forward. If you do have children placed with you, a protocol meeting will be arranged early in the process to discuss the needs of the children in your care and what services Calon Cymru Fostering needs to continue to deliver.

In most cases, following a protocol meeting, an agreement can be reached for the children to transfer with you. We will maintain your current terms of placement.

This means you will continue to receive the same level of payment, expenses and services to support the child for the duration of the placement.

Contact us today to discuss transferring to one of our local teams and how we can offer you more support and a better service.

We can also arrange for you to talk to a current Calon Cymru Fostering foster carer, who has been through the transfer process.

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