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There’s many different types of fostering! Check out our summary below for a brief overview of the types of fostering we offer. We can provide you with the support and training you need, depending on the types of care that best match you and your family. If you have any further questions, you can contact our friendly team.

Short-term foster care

You would be the ‘stop-gap’ for a vulnerable child or young person who needs a safe environment to live until a more permanent home can be found. This type of foster placement can vary in length, from one night to a few weeks or even months.

Long-term foster care

You could provide a stable, nurturing home for a child or young person, having a direct impact on their development and their future. You would treat them as part of your family and the reward will be seeing them thrive and grow into a happy, successful individual.

Fostering siblings

When appropriate, placements where siblings can stay together is a key goal. This can bring a totally different set of challenges with it, as one child may have parented their sibling or siblings. Your home could be the first safe and nurturing environment they’ve experienced.

Parent and child

You could help a parent and child to stay together and improve their future. In this type of placement you wouldn’t provide hands-on care for the baby, but help mentor the parent, improve their confidence and potentially break a cycle of neglect.

Respite foster care

This type of fostering is a short term placement. You would be helping to give the main fostering family a break, but you would also be providing an opportunity for foster children to experience another supportive home environment and meet new people.

Emergency foster care

This type of care requires a lot of flexibility. You may be providing a home for a child at very short notice, as they may need emergency foster care quickly if their current environment is not safe for them.

Transitional foster care (step-down fostering)

For children or young people who have been living in residential care, you could be an important step in helping them adjust to life in a home environment, helping them adapt to living with a caring and stable foster family.


On this specialist fostering service, you would be helping to support a child or young person with additional needs, providing them with an environment that suits their particular needs, which helps them to flourish.

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