Become a Foster Carer

Calon Cymru operates across the diverse landscape of Wales, matching children and young people who find themselves in the fostering system with a network of foster carers across the country in some of Wales’s most coveted, idyllic, and vibrant areas.

When you become a foster carer, not only do you agree to give a child in need the chance to call somewhere home – you also give them permission to feel safe, which for many is a luxury that they have not experienced before. From sexual to mental, psychological or physical abuse, so many children in the foster system bring them with past trauma and haunting experiences – and it’s only with the support and commitment of our network of foster carers that we can really hope to make a difference and allow these young people to survive and thrive.

The Role of a Foster Carer

As a foster carer, you will take on many roles – with the varied types of fostering available allowing you to control how instrumental you are in the rebuilding of each young person’s life.

Whether you decide to get involved in short term foster care or register to offer long term placements to individuals, teenagers, or siblings, as a foster carer you are more than just a place to call home. You are a teacher, friend, surrogate parent, confidante, mentor, therapist, doctor, chef, and so much more. And with a splash of humour, a handful of compassion, and a touch of sympathy, we find that foster placements are also more than just a temporary solution – they can genuinely change the life, the opportunities, and the future of young people forever.

So, how does it work and what will you receive as a foster carer?

What We Do for You

When you become a part of the Calon Cymru Fostering family, you will benefit from our cohesive and supportive community of carers – each sharing stories, tips, and experiences to celebrate the good times and to buoy each other on even the most challenging of days.

From your first placement through to your 50th placement, we provide you with all the training you need (and more besides) to enable you to thrive in your role – awarding foster carers with the skills, confidence, and experience that they need to arm themselves for any situation. And when things get tough or you find yourself struggling, the 24 hour access to our team means that you are never alone.

We’re focussed on improving the lives and opportunities of children and young people in Wales, operating across the largest cities and small and more rural towns – so that families across the country have a chance to open their home and offer a child the chance of a better life.

If you think that becoming a foster carer is the next step of your life journey and want to find out more about how to join our network – either as a new foster carer applicant or via transfer from another agency – we want to hear from you today. 

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