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Easter Activities For All The Family

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As Easter approaches, we are all looking for fun and engaging activities to celebrate new beginnings and the arrival of a beautiful Welsh spring.  These holidays are the perfect time to create lasting memories with foster children. From traditional egg hunts to creative crafts, there are plenty of Easter activities that will bring happiness and excitement to everyone. Here are some of our favourite ideas to make sure you have an egg-cellent time!


Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing says Easter like a traditional egg hunt and children of all ages can participate in this classic activity. Use your home and garden to hide an assortment of eggs and create clues or challenges to lead the children to the next egg.


Easter Crafts

Let your imagination run wild and get creative with Easter-themed crafts that the whole foster family can enjoy. You could craft colourful easter decorations such as bunting, decorative eggs, and paper bunnies. Or you could design creative and unique easter bonnets with ribbons, flowers, and stickers. If you prefer to draw, then why not show your loved ones how much you care by making them homemade easter cards?


 Easter Movie Night

Wind down at the end of a busy day by watching an Easter film together. There are many family-friendly options to choose from including Peter Rabbit and Easter Bunny Adventure. If you’d prefer to watch a film with a theme of foster care, you can find our top recommendations here.


Easter Baking

Baking is always a good idea so why not get in the kitchen and create traditional easter treats such as hot cross buns or chocolate nests? You could also put an easter spin on some of your classic recipes. Two of our favourites are baking cookies using bunny and egg-shaped cookie cutters or topping a chocolate cake with little eggs.



Do Some Gardening

With daffodils starting to bloom, this is the perfect season to begin your planting and gardening in preparation for the summer. Get the children involved by asking them to help you plant some seeds. You could even make a mini garden using eggshells as pots, which will add a cute touch to your Easter decorations!


Attend An Event

Many communities hold family-friendly Easter events. Check your local event listings to see what's happening in your area. You could find anything from farmer's markets and lamb feeding to celebratory parades and festivals. Before you book any paid-for activities, make sure to check for discounts available on Grapevine and with your Blue Light Card!


With these family-friendly Easter activities, you can create lasting memories and traditions for years to come. Whether you choose to go with the classics or try something new, have a fantastic Easter.


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Date published

27 March 2024

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