deputy operations manager

Deputy Operations Manager

Hi I am Petra Llewellyn, Deputy Operations Manager for Calon Cymru Cardiff. I have worked for the agency for a little over 5 years, over the past twelve months my role in the agency has evolved from being a supervising social worker to a deputy operations manager. Currently my role involves supervising and supporting social workers within their role as supervising social workers and also supporting and supervising assessing social workers undertaking Form F assessments with new applicants wishing to become foster carers with the agency.

The past 10 weeks have brought about significant change in the way we are all working to support foster carers and the children they care for, this has involved adapting to using technology in a way we have never done so before. I must admit that initially this brought about some anxiety for us all, but we have quickly found a new way of working to ensure that both foster carers and members of staff continue to feel supported throughout these uncertain times. I have been inspired by our carers and children in how they have adapted to their new way of living and in their creativity in keeping everyone busy and active.  

During lockdown I have uncovered a number of new skills/talents I never knew I had, which is a positive and will save me time and money in the future (maybe ????). However, unfortunately, I’m now also on first name terms with a number of Uber Eats and Deliveroo drivers, which has invariably resulted in expanding waistlines for myself and members of my household (sorry team).

I have missed seeing carers and colleagues on a daily basis but along with everyone else I’m focusing on that time in the not too distant future where we are able to return to our old normal, but in the meantime, the most important thing is that we all stay healthy and well. I want to thank each and every foster carer for what they are doing for those children they care for and hope to see you soon.